Thursday, October 15, 2020

Crawlin' out from under a D--- rock

What a F---ing year...

I've been focusing on my stories and improving my software/art skills so much I neglected a script error on my page.  

So I'm fixing it.  

Going to upload some stuff soon.

Had fun going past older posts.  SJWs still screaming and the media giving them a voice.  Star Wars seems to have choked and DIED on it's vomit, and might be taking Disney with it.  They put off a clearly DRY version of Dune that due to trying to "Race swap" to appease the screaming reactionaries made even the hardcore fans mad - so 1 year to re-shoot things to get at worst "Syfy channel but big budget" level which IMO is what they were trying for...

I've been keeping well.  I'm a "Corporate America" refugee so I know well the horrors of an office where the boss gets a power trip and makes people swap desks daily - though when his op fails and he has to change offices he's literally in tears...  All that sickness passed around.  WELL - I had a stockpile of wipes, disinfectant spray, etc.  So when this Virus thing hit I was glad to shut in, to use a mask without looking like a bandit and having a store clerk shoot me - etc.  Saved and lived frugal because used to unstable work where the boss seems to want misery versus performance, living the modern 'dream' etc.

Only thing was I worked on too many stories versus promoting myself, so need to catch up there.  My website is under heavy construction now, check back like a week before Halloween...

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Again, the wasteland…

My goodness.  There is this story, a movie coming out, a book, an old comic - a videogame getting a sequel...  BUT the author the artist was a bad person, drugs, weird perversions or worse was a christian and not a child molesting drug dealer.  Gasp!  Perhaps he said something the current GroupThink doesn't like...  Ban him!  Burn his books.  Un-Person him!  We don't need to be corrupted by a - well anything the current GroupThink doesn't approve of, don't we?  Don't want them to turn their "Punch a Nazi" fists on us and scream at our place of employment to get us fired, etc...

Destroy!  Destroy it all!  Let there be no idol standing if the source had some failing, said something someone somewhere was offended by.  Break them down! 

After all, per Abrose Bierce "Saint: A dead Sinner, revised and Edited."

If you refuse to enjoy anything because there’s something problematic with the author, the artist, etc. you create for yourself a wasteland of destroyed idols.  Everything is crumbled in a vast desert under a dying sun.  Used this image from Druillet's "Yragel Urm" - a rather crazed tribute to Michael Moorcock and perhaps unknowingly to Clark Ashton Smith and his "Zothique" world.  Druillet himself was the son of a Nazi collaborator and if you look up his works on Goodreads yep have foaming SJW scum giving it negative reviews for just what his father did to avoid getting shot, starving or becoming a lampshade...

Easy to bash HPL due to his real racism, though he mostly HID from other races, including Itallian and Irish in his crumbling house.  But Frank L. Baum is still celebrated.  Uh, he published a frontier newspaper and called weekly for the "Final Solution" to the "Native American Problem" - somehow that doesn't stop his work from being re-published and re-visioned again and again even today...?  And the same hyper liberal SJWs would throw battery acid in each other's faces if it would help them win a William S. Burroughs award for literature - let's not start there.  But then again they shoved Marion Zimmer Bradley in my face when I picked up the cool Frazetta reprints or Dark Horse Conan Trade Paperbacks...  Look up MZB for allegations her daughter made, made more truthful for her husband's legal issues.

For now it appears radical SJW’s are planning to give the new “Earthworm Jim” a negative review - simply because they don’t like the creator Doug TenNapel due to his beliefs and politics. (Christian, a bit right wing/libertarian, is live and let live but doesn’t praise the homosexual agenda…)  SO, no matter how good, or bad or AWESOME that there’s a re-release of the Intellivision console and one of the flagship titles is a NEW “Earthworm Jim” - well they’ll use one of their shouting boxes - PolyGon - to ‘review’ it like its a bad, sucky game…

 Here's the Buzz on it

Here's a good story Doug wrote.  Neat family story.  Yep, Amazon and others are full of rabid SJW's bashing it just because they don't like his politics or beliefs.  I loved it - IMO it'd be a cool movie if half of it (the backstory that is spaced through the main one) was done KlayMation like Neverhood (one of his first works) was and the rest with a RL cast, then some "Roger Rabbit" green screen inserts as the characters meet.  Really, it'd be a neat movie, a modern "Nightmare Before Christmas" or other goofy cult classic.  But the movie producers would fear making it, half the critics hating it because it is legit different, the other half hating it due to hating someone who isn't a hyper left winger screaming and throwing a trash can outside a college after screaming at a guest.

Not even sure if Doug is even going to be involved in it…the new Earthworm Jim.  Nevertheless they are going to likely try to destroy the game and the console - just out of hatred of the original concept artist.  But, hey, good way to get someone “Un-Personed” for “Thought Crime” - in a society with a sabotaged economy with too many people competing for too few jobs, easy to destroy someone just because you don’t like their politics, leading to a world where everyone has to be “Grey men” lest something they whisper offend someone and its like the movie “Metropolis” where they get fired and since the world is one global monopoly no place to go so they shoot themselves…

And it’s the LEFT WING behind stuff like this?  Hyper sh-t headed SJW’s who are an insult to anything and everything real left wingers lived and died for.  And a lie that pretends to be a media that gives them WAY too much credibility.

No, do NOT blame this on “The Hippies”.  They took police batons, worse helping blacks get to vote, to try to end fake wars to make arms makers profits - they took diminished career opportunities fighting for the right things - even later in life lots ditched good jobs because they didn’t support a boss’s racism or a company’s agenda.  Check out Doonsebury’s “Mr Butts” saga on that.

But they were NOT nor ever “Politically Correct”.  Against RL racism, yes.  Later against sexism in RL as it existed in the 60s, 70s yes.  Against doing anything that’d offend anyone at any time…?

Uh, check out R. Crumb and his characters like Angel Food McSpade…  That’s an easily accessible with even a Google search.

Now Crumb has cataloged “The Blues” to a level that rivals his underground work.  He’s rescued countless artists from being forgotten and his underground work while in places quite offensive argued for real social progress.  But he (and the rest of the underground) if they did something that wasn’t horribly offensive to someone at some point - well they really failed that day.

Exceptions to the rule, like “keep on truckin’” and “Fat Freddy’s Cat” of course.

Monday, April 29, 2019

I miss Star Wars.
I really do.

Once in a while pull out my DVDs, old comics, etc.

Coz there’s no such thing anymore.  Ended when Lucas sold out to Disney.  Now I can’t really Boycott Disney but I can avoid supporting any Star Wars they own.  No, I don’t even “Steal” (illegally download) stuff - I buy used and nothing beyond Clone Wars / original 6 movies from Phantom to Return…  My “Porg” is a “Huukha” a Marvel character kind of obscure like that Green Bunny guy Lucas hated like fashionable hipsters hate Jar-Jar.

But, “Disney (Black) Magick” - they slurp the slurry in the coffin, vomit it back, lick it up, excrete, start slurping… And they make stuff…  And riding on popularity well it does get attention… 

And I was not able to ignore the GARBAGE about “Vader Visions #3” or whatever they EXCRETED…  Oh, Lucas, what did you DO…!?  What were you thinking…!?

Judge not a man until you are standing in his shoes - I’d probably sell out for $500 million…  Hey, Burroughs (not the Tarzan guy) said “If the powers that be demand you sell out - sell out, but set a very high price for them.”  $500 million…  Or like $100 million and a tropical island (with high areas so if sea levels rise its still got space) and a decommissioned Tanker ship turned into a private mansion and “Micro-Nation” status so I can setup a sinner’s paradise of drugs, fleshy pleasures, animal fighting for gambling purposes, all sorts of pornography vile and illegal elsewhere, etc. and make money off of it just to “F--- you!” the fake moralists all over…  But besides people I know talking me into stopping it - I’d have the personal hell of seeing characters I am working on, my own creations on all fours with Mickey and Donald holding paddles to spank them, then the Teletubbies to come in to R-pe them...

Just now there’s this absurd fun of the SJW and Femi-NOT reaction to a stand alone Darth Vader story…  About some poor pathetic Nurse who has a “Crush” on Vader and gets obsessive, gets in trouble, eventually approaches him and of course he kills her and tells the troops to clear the “Trash” from his room…
I wuff u so much I keep bits the doctor cuts out of you...
She's looking for her "Vader Collection" her boss threw down the trash.  
Trash monster - Hmmm - this "Noid" smells pretty weird...  Well not hungry, these Noids are so generous to me, providing me a home and all this food and when I eat one they punish me with those ...blasters... that kind of hurt.  So, just going back to sleep now... Ignore...
Oh, great - "Fired" in a military even the officers can't resign from...
But if I just see him and tell him how much I love him...

Here’s the bottom of the Chum-bucket - the “Mary Sue” -

Boy do the Femi-NOTs shriek…  Uh, maybe they could have made it a guy then?  Nope, it’d be “Gay bashing”...

The problem is - this seems to be the most realistic Star Wars story ever in any recent years…  Haven’t been following them again.  No such thing - we need to move forward.  Lucas sold out.  They offered him enough to fund his own space force to sell out, but he’s a sell-out.  No such thing.

But frankly this thing with Vader’s room in the Death Star being in an isolated corridor only troopers go down with a security (Military Police) following behind them to force them down and all go by as quickly as possible...out of fear of Vader…  His room isn’t LOCKED despite advanced ultratech which he modifies himself and has advanced, custom tools and exotic materials…  Out of “Fear of Vader”...?  No cameras because he wishes his privacy and is ashamed of his face, even with tons of ‘bar creatures’ who might be nicknamed “xxudndsoizzzz the Beautiful” but look like a decaying lump of flesh…  As if the Bactine wouldn’t have turned it only to a few underflesh scars like it did for his son...

In “Real Life” sorry…  That’s how to command dis-respect, do more for mutinies than any Rebel could dream and sabotage by low morale again enough to win a medal from a rebel leader - like his Daughter he tortured…

He’d have a crazy psycho-sexual stalker he’d have to shove a lightsaber in WEEKLY. 
Matter of fact, the art is good, it does seem like he’s wearily doing that as if he’s had to do it dozens of times.  Such a nurse would not be “screened out” the way the Empire works - people are terrified of the Empire and desperate to NOT work in the main places - so she’d have been assigned there to remove her. Certainly transferred there if asked.  And a celebrity like Vader would have thousands trying...  And even if he didn’t care that, he’d be berzerk when he found some of his equipment missing - like finding troops gambling with a “Kyber Crystal” (what they make lightsabers with) and the troop just traded it with … in exchange for doing his late shift - who bought it from … in exchange for giving him his paycheck that month so he could see a dozen Twi'leks on his shore leave by Tatooine, etc.  And yes, some low end criminal assigned to the Death Star to get rid of him did go “hey… Vader just leaves his stuff unlocked… But he’s always away for weeks doing things for the Emperor and they like secrecy so few if any cameras.  And this “force” - “well I’ll just wear gloves and keep myself in a neutral state of mind and use this HUTT enterprises/Black Sun psy-scrambler for my helmet…if it foils Jedi Mind tricks and I wear gloves…”  and loot his room while he’s away, just making sure to be at the other side of the Death Star when Vader goes on his rampage…

So - in Real Life Vader would be choking an officer technically in charge of the sector who’d grab a notepad - hastily writing “Please let me speak freely, Lord va . d .e r….” then he’d release him, let him get his breath back…  And knowing he’d likely die anyways tell him professionally and matter of factly...

He’d get a deserved lecture on how he should let them do their jobs - no Vader did NOT let them “Do their Jobs” relying on fear of his presence - he fights for the Empire but they need to let them guard him…  “Please leave this to me, Lord Vader.  Just a few basic security measures as should be expected of any military, any celebrity...” - and next thing two StormTroopers there - good ones with a note by remote email “These are top troops, please do NOT choke them or bully them unless they truly fail you, these are my best not my worst…” and other measures such as protocols for when he can be disturbed without someone getting stabbed or choked.  The door only opens in response to the rare metal on Vader’s suit (which resisted Luke’s Lightsaber in Return of the Jedi) or to his voice commands, codes, etc.  Any new pyscho nurse is taken away - any potential thief is really brutally interrogated so the rest know its not going to happen again.

Vader - with his shred of humanity left - “Thank you, commander.  I have not had any problems in my quarters a full month.  Consider yourself promoted but absolutely do your best to ensure my privacy when I require it…”

Not to mention all the ASSASSINS that go after Vader - the psycho’s would be foiling the Assassins by fighting with them to get near him…  That’d be another neat story, something they should add  - Assassin after Vader, another crazy nurse is jumping on him trying to get to him - the commotion draws security - once its sorted out…  Well again officer goes “Lord Vader - permission to speak freely - etc.” to work out system to stop that...

So, hey, exceptions to every rule…
I might just buy this comic.

Just to make the whiny SJW’s SCREAM...

Friday, March 8, 2019

Yep, Captain Marvel is da BOMB as in it is BOMBING....

IMO the 35% must be their "Low" threshold. Just look at any few pages of reviews. Most are well typed out fan reviews, like Star Wars people upset at the pure SUCK. The 5 star ones seem to be quickie one or two sentences. IMO this thing should get 17% even with the college "InterSECTIONAL" clubs having a dozen accounts each typing. They claim fan rage, male rage, hater, troll flooding. Uh, I've seen that legit. No way is it that pattern - check the reviews. Lots of long, detailed rants on why the movie SUCKS and hyper low scores - even this 36% is a high score...

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Let's keep her off Netflix, or at least keep our subscription rates down...

Let me repeat: If you subscribe to Netflix I strongly advise passing a quick note to the management via a CSR chat that you do NOT support Captain Marvel. For the sake of your pocket book. This movie will likely FLOP horribly and Disney will throttle Marvel Bart Simpson style for the $. They'll likely try to charge any and all captive audiences they have and since there's a ton of Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix they'll think we are victims. Myself I'm not going to watch it - even "Free" on Netflix.

I was quiet about other abominations like that "He-Ra ManBoyGirl of Power" butchery and have better things to do than tell Netlfix not to show a show I might not like.

BUT I do NOT want my rates raised to pay for someone's SJW flop because the InterSectional college club of screaming trash can throwers can't even afford lattes without working at a coffeshop. So tell them now they give Marvel a F-- you later and if anything make Marvel PAY to host their stuff!

Let’s head off Captain Marvel on Netflix.

Anyone subscribe?  I do.  Have for a long time, plan to continue.
I certainly won’t “Boycott” Netflix over Captain Marvel.  And they certainly have a right to show films I might not like - lots of them or ones I’d not prefer - as long as there’s enough for me its worth subscribing.

What I fear is a desperate Marvel being breathed hot fire by a diseased Godzilla sized mouse that they had better recoup losses for a grotesque SJW flop - YESTERDAY…

So, Netflix could end up threatened to pay a lot of money or lose the Marvel Franchise and if they pay, WE pay.

But we are customers - we vote with our $.

The thing that gives SJWs (and religious lunatics) so much power is Corporate America’s reliance on “A VERY satisfied customer tells maybe a few people, a dissatisfied customer tells at least 14”.  Usually it’s a good attitude to do your best to please as many as possible.  BUT these corporate guys don’t get the difference between real customers and non-customers who just want someone to do something their way.

Thus - I went onto Netflix, looked for the “Contact” options towards the bottom.  Got a CSR and gave a simple message.  Person of course told me he could not directly talk about politics or current issues but would pass it on to management.  Again, your own words but be polite, concise, to the point.  They can't spend time to chat with you but can pass it on.  Please thank them for their time and do not be difficult.

I advise anyone else that is in Brie Larson’s racist, sexist, age-ist inclusion who subscribes to Netflix do so.  Lots of SJW’s want companies to do things their way, but they aren’t going to buy anything or be good customers.

Now, even if we get a few thousand people poking they’ll still likely get Captain Marvel on Netflix - BUT I doubt they’ll pay Marvel “Milleyuns and Milleyuns” to likewise reverse the box office flop and raise our bills to do so.  It’ll just get FLUSHED like SOY-LO and Last Green Milk drinking Jedi a lot sooner than any movie supposed to be a ‘blockbuster’ ever was.

And I won’t watch it - even ‘free’ on Netflix.
Coz it's third wave Femi-NOT SJW CRUD
One Man's Opinion...

Hey, I’m for “Freedom of Speech”.  Not calling for Brie Larson’s name to be taken down.  And she can make all the “Womyn” movies she wants.  No “White Males over 40” allowed.  Fine.  Problem is that kinda limits the audience.  IS there enough audience excluding these to support such a movie?  Well, more power to the studio.  I want to make my own non-PC stories also, but I wouldn’t expect them to be stuff to force on everyone’s saturday night, just a niche.  She has a right to be in her kind of movies - I don’t have to buy them.  With this I just want to send a message to the producers, the investors, etc. what the star and the writers are doing with their property.  Is the “Womyn and intersectionals ONLY” exclusion going to get so much non-white men, no one over 40 to justify their loss from said groups?  There are LOTS of “Chick Flicks”, “Special Interest” etc. movies that have tons of “Niche” audiences.  But a mainstream ultra budget movie????

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Don’t see Marvel’s “Captain Marvel”

First and foremost, if you are an adult white male the main “Actress” Brie Larson said it’s not for you.  

Drooling 3rd wave FemiNOT Misandrist.  Modern fake ideals that are an insult to things people lived
and died for in the past.  Tempted to make some non-PC remark about her belonging in Larry Flynt’s
publication then a few years later being found in a dumpster with a heroin needle in her eye.  
But that’d be a horrible insult. A horrible insult to Larry’s Magazine, the ladies who’ve contributed to
it and even the hooker/strippers found dead in a dumpster.

Then Rotten Tomatoes fully edits and blocks its reviews now.  No more “I don’t plan to see this movie”,
user reviews on hold, strong allegations of editing out 1 star, 2 star from statistics.  Uh, when many
thousands of seperate people bomb the reviews it isn’t proof of “Fan rage” it means the movie
SUCKS no matter how much $ Disney dumps into it.

I feel safe to assume - one man’s opinion - that Rotten Tomatoes is sold out and no longer relevant.  
Just a sock puppet owned by big corporations that if Disney decides to make Episode 10 of Star Wars
and it’s just Jar Jar doing grotesque sex on George Lucas for a few hours, mostly with his tongue
they’ll give it a 10/10 with one ‘radical’ critic an 8.5 to ‘prove’ they aren’t all muppets in human form
with Disney workers pulling the levers.  And they’d savage any movie made by any ‘outsider’ no
matter how good it was. Again “One man’s Opinion”...

Then again, I’ve seen this lesson and how people indeed repeat the same mistakes again and again.

In the late 70s/early 80s publishers began “Operation Shoot Self in Foot” or rather what we called
“Political Correctness” into the 90s.  Rubbing off all the rough edges to smooth everything down
so it could be shoved down the largest throat. Ok if it chokes, just no rough edges.  Also they put
out lots of “Token” publications - written by - place minority here- that were often near plagarist at
best blatant Mary Sue writing and added nothing to the genre.  

Too bad scifi/fantasy was always legit ‘progressive’ sneaking in women and black writers if they
were GOOD storytellers even taking risks to do so.  Many stories by very comfortable “Privileged
White Males” that did indeed challenge the racism/sexism so entrenched at the time. Those classic
Weird Tales lurid covers were done by a Mexican single mother, btw.  That’s when Black Mask
magazine had a proud triple K white hood cover.

Well, the core audience WAS 99.9% the “White male patriarchy” and if your favorite form of escape
-the latest space opera/heroic fantasy turns into a poorly written screech hating you, well you don’t
really buy it, right?  And indeed said market collapsed. But this was lead by a few big publishers and
the market shrank and a friendly distributor helped choke out the smaller ones. Corporate Welfare
assured no elite with the program would go without a mansion or yacht, though they made sure Warren had huge financial troubles and Carter got cancer and died.  

We’ve had a huge vacuum in publishing of what the public wanted compared to what the publishers
decided to print.  Virtually no competition till the internet opened the market. No more having to know
about it somehow despite magazines refusing to take ads, distributors refusing to ship and stores
refusing to order due to ‘exclusivity’ agreements.  Then they blamed the internet when it was them
having the same generic mass appeal bland corporate stuff and less and less of it costing more and

Pretty funny - the flagship of this Failboat was Marion Zimmer Bradley - the “Sword and Sorceress
” rotten bloody tampon.  But it seems (Google her name) there’s pretty horrible allegations against
her and her husband. Are the fake ideal hipster girls who shoved her in my face when I was picking
up the latest Frazetta reprint book going to burn their maybe half read copies of her books and hang
out in Barnes and Noble, running up to patrons who pick them up (they keep them in print despite
seemingly very low sales) and spraying paint on them, then when kicked out screaming outside and
throwing a trash can?

So, now comic books, movies, video games - even tabletop RPGs are doing the same SJW
pandering.  Afraid of a very few “Hipster” - that’s a fake subculture created by corporate marketing
people via WIRED magazine and others - and an insult to Hippies and Beatniks and any true
Bohemians…  Afraid of those vocal minorities they censor, ban, un-person, shame anything
but a bland, stupid, mass appealing and counter-sexist, counter racist against White Men who
still have most of the idle consumer buying power…

Just DON’T buy their stuff.  You support it if you do. Don’t rent it, watch it on Netflix.  
Don’t even pirate it.

I mean the NEW stuff.

Why not go back to where they draw the tiny sliver of any good story?  The magazine rack from
the 70s, 80s. Archive org. Ebay - look for cheap reading copies not expensive "Collectors" but
dog-eared affordable copies.

You aren’t supporting them but the memory of when comics were GOOD for a while.
 Fighting the code, skipping it in the Magazine world, crazy bizzare publications.  
Captain Marvel is dead, let him rest in peace, tell Marvel to make up NEW heroes not chew up,
excrete, slurp up and regurgitate their same slime again and again only pausing to poison it with
Social Justice venom.

So if their paid ads into the “Groupthink” tug the heart strings of your nostalgia, including to younger
people for when they weren’t born yet, go to the past they feed from and do it on the cheap - avoid
this new insult to those memories.